Martin L. King Jr. Monument (2005)

Finalist Judith F. Baca & the UCLA/SPARC Digital Mural Lab
and Philip Matzigkeit



Dr. Martin Luther King proposed monument for San Diego California
35ft x 350ft laser cut steel mural with landscaping and digital tile created for the 2000ft stretch of the Freeway in San Diego California. This work is a commemoration of the life of Martin Luther King created for permanent display and commissioned by the San Diego Municipal arts program as one of three final proposals for selection this year on Dec 8 2005. The central image is of Dr. King cut in steel 35ft tall. The second image of the Selma Alabama march for voter’s rights alongside of the sanitation workers march in Memphis for fair treatment of its workers. The third image is of the Montgomery bus boycott commemorating the 40,000 people who walked for 382 days rather than to continue to submit to segregation on Montgomery’s buses. The landscaping is patterned after Kuba clothe and will be composed of granite, stones, pathways and plantings.This work is a collaboration between Judith F. Baca and Philip Matzigkeit