Migration of the Golden People (2001)

Carecen 2004
The impact of SPARC’s work is best voiced in that of a community partner. Works such as the CARECEN mural, the first significant public work created in Los Angeles about the migration of Central Americans into the Pico Union district of Los Angeles represent the partnerships with community groups who wish to visualize the issues affecting their community. Regarding the experience at CARECEN Angela Sanbrano Former Executive Director of CARECEN writes, “SPARC’s work parallels the organization’s belief in art as a reflection of the lives of America’s diverse ethnic communities. Especially heartening has been the organization’s development of a community approach in the creation of art for the betterment of society. SPARC’s work with CARECEN empowered participating youth, enabling them not only to play an active role in the decision process, but also to work with their parents, professional artists, ethnologists and scholars. This is an experience that has enriched their lives while creating meaningful change in the Central American community itself. By encouraging students to take responsibility for their community and their own individual development, SPARC has enabled them to grow in new and exciting ways.”