Judith F. Baca (2018)

by Anna Indych-López

Winner of Independent Publisher Book Awards Silver Medal for Adult Multicultural Non-Fiction, Judith F. Baca by Anna Indych-López explores Judith F. Baca’s oeuvre, from early murals painted with local gang members in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles to the Great Wall of Los Angeles (1976–83) to more recently commissioned works. Throughout, Indych-López assesses what she calls Baca’s “public art of contestation” and discusses how ideas of collaboration and authorship and issues of race, class, and gender have influenced and sustained Baca’s art practice. 

Judith F. Baca also won the International Latino Book Awards. It has been awarded the 1st Place for Best Latino Focused Book Design, the 2nd Place for Best Arts Book, and the 2nd Place for Best Latina Themed Book.

Murals of the Americas (2019)

Edited by Victoria I. Lyall

This volume presents the work of ten scholars who shared their research at the Denver Art Museum’s 2017 symposium hosted by the Frederick and Jan Mayer Center for Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial Art. Centered on the theme of murals, each chapter discusses how this art form functions as a powerful tool for the expression of political, social, or religious ideas across diverse time periods and cultures in the Americas, from the ancient rock cave paintings of Guerrero, Mexico, to the murals of the 1960s Chicano movement. In one of the contributions, Artist Judy Baca discusses her practice with Jesse Laird Ortega (Denver Art Museum). 


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