The Judith F. Baca Arts Academy

The Judith F. Baca Arts Academy
1536 East 89th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90002-1316

The 2013 ‘Emancipation Project’ created by members of the 6th grade class asa gift for the school in partnership with UCLA Professor Judy Baca’s university students in the UCLA@SPARC Digital Mural Lab. Watch YouTube Video

In 2013, Distinguished UCLA Professor Judy Baca’s eleven UCLA students of the UCLA@SPARC Cesar Chavez Digital/Mural Lab “Beyond the Mexican Mural” courses collaborated with twenty, 6th grade, students with workshops to produce a Mural for permanent placement in the Judith F. Baca Arts Academy located in Watts. Furthermore, this collaboration model will be integrated into the school’s curriculum as an annual project. The UCLA students took on the task of developing a mural in a 2-week period, which would illuminate the children’s stories of struggle, determination and commemorate identity, aspirations and dreams.

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