Judy Baca on Panel: “A Manifesto for Murals”

April 16th, 2013, The Madrid Theatre, Canoga Park, CA
Panel: “A Manifesto for Murals”
Panel with Kent Twitchell, Cheech Marin, Levi Ponce, Isabel Rojas-Williams, and Felicia Filer.  Moderated by Dr. Gerald Fecht.



I know I’ve been talking nothing but murals lately, but that’s what tends to happen when something of an art movement happens before your very eyes. Guess what? I’m not the only one taking notice. Major players in the mural community and Valley art circles are gathering tonight to figure out what it all means and how we can organize efforts.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, the Public Art Initiative, the San Fernando Valley Arts Council and the Valley Arts Alliance present a night of creative exchange as they open up the floor for a discussion on public art and its place in the Valley.

“A Manifesto for Murals” will feature Kent Twitchell, Cheech Marin, Judy Baca, Felicia Filer, Isabel Rojas-Williams and Levi Ponce while they bring up topics, such as, “Can the Los Angeles and artists work together?,”Who will stand up for the mural?” and “Helping the masses accept mural art and artists.”

The meeting is open to the public and takes place on Tuesday, April 16, 7-9 p.m, at the Madrid Theater, 21622 Sherman Way, Canoga Park. Donations accepted at the door.”

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