Emancipation Workshop

As part of Judy’s pedagogy, UCLA students of the Beyond the Mexican Mural class are empowered to join her in teaching the Emancipation Workshop, also known as the Collaborative Portrait Workshop, to students of the Judy Baca Arts Academy.

Community Mural Art
in Stockholm

Community Mural Art and Social Change
An international exploration of collective
Mural Art as a tool to raise unheard voices.

Mural Workshop on the Road at George College State University

The art department of GCSU invited Judy Baca to hold a day-long workshop for Advanced Painting Students on March 5, 2009

Toronto Mural Workshop

The Central Valley Mural Workshops

Healers of the Central Valley is a series of eight murals focused on health and wellness in California’s Central Valley by Judy Baca and Carlos Rogel of the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC).

Beyond the Mexican Mural Course w/UCLA