Stockholm Conference: Community Mural Art And Social Change An International Exploration Of Collective Mural Art As A Tool To Raise Unheard Voices.


Community Mural Art and Social Change
An international exploration of collective
Mural Art as a tool to raise unheard voices

Date: Thursday 13th of February 2014


Muralism is a movement with strong roots in many parts of the world. A variety of initiatives has now emerged in Sweden in which the collective production of mural art is used to empower socio-economically vulnerable communities. The murals are often based on residents’ own ideas, carried out through the engagement of the community and visible on public walls of the city. A collective mural process generates pride in the community and a feeling that local residents themselves can be a force for social change.

In order to initiate a discussion on the power of collective mural art, Förorten i Centrum – Voices of the Hoods, have invited some of the most interesting voices on mural painting from around the world. They will, from various perspectives, share their experiences from years of organising, painting and writing about murals.

The Modernization of the Mural Movement

After the reign of traditional mural techniques and approaches, changes have come.  Today, academic courses are given at UCLA on social muralism. Students from various disciplines attend. Murals can be painted digitally, printed giant printers and glued on the wall. Apps on your mobile allow you to recapture voices from the creation of murals 30 years ago. What is around the corner now ? Do we even need a brush ?

Representing SPARC – The Social and Public Resource Center

Distinguished Professor Judith F. Baca
SPARC Founder/Artistic Director
UCLA@SPARC Digital/Mural Lab
UCLA Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicana/o Studies
UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures

Carlos Rogel
SPARC Project Manager
Ph.D. Student in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

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