Visiting the Women of San Francisco de Tanivet preparing for the SPARC Exhibition, New Codex: Oaxaca- Immigration and Cultural Memory

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New Codex: Oaxaca – Immigration and Cultural Memory/Nuevo Codice: Oaxaca – Migracion y Memoria Cultural is an illumination of contemporary visual discourse of Oaxaca and inquiry to the impact of U.S. immigration, a current touring exhibition, and one of Judy Baca’s current projects.

Joining curator Marietta Bernstorff, Judy recently visited female artists working in the Village of San Franisco de Tanivet in Oaxaca, Mexico to research resilient and sustainable art practices.  The gallery of images above provide a glimpse into the experience as Judy shares “Walking toward the workshop. Heat unbearable. Women have already done a day in the fields since before dawn they will come home to cook and then do their artworks preparing for the show.” Juana Lemis, one of the artists featured in the New Codex: Oaxaca – Immigration and Cultural Memory, provided a tour of her studio and work.  Juana’s “Dio mio no me dejes morir como mis compañeros” work uses traditional appliqué’ to tell stories of her home, a village where 90% of the village has left seeking employment in the United States.

New Codex: Oaxaca – Immigration and Cultural Memory will be exhibited in the Duron Gallery at SPARC from May 23, 2015 – August 29, 2015.  Below is more information about this project and the exhibition in SPARC:

Visit the Social and Public Art Resource Center’s website for additional information: New Codex: Oaxaca – Immigration and Cultural Memory