Meet Bernardo Munoz, from Great Wall of LA kid to Board Member of SPARC


Your Donation will enable us to continue our work in 2014! We stand proud of our accomplishments in 2013 and remain true to our mission and goals for the coming year:

* Producing the next Phases of our signature work, The Great Wall of Los Angeles and the Interpretive Green Bridge: in 2013 SPARC was awarded significant funding from the National Endowment of the Arts to begin the production of the next phases of the mural: the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s!

* Enhancing our partnerships with social service, community, and educational organizations: in 2013 SPARC installed collaborative works at the Judy Baca Arts Academy, dedicated a digitally hand-rendered mural at the Richmond, CA Civic Center, and hosted the first cohort of graduate students from UCLA’s Chicana/o Studies Department, partnered with the First Nation People’s of Canada to create the next segments of the World Wall Project.

* Preserving Cultural Memory through our Mural Rescue Program: in 2013 SPARC’s Mural Rescue Program secured the cultural legacy of LA’s murals all while playing a significant role in the creation of a new Mural Ordinance that ended the ban on mural in LA! We need your help to support art, education, community, and social justice world-wide! Donate Today!

* $5,000 SPARC Steward

* $2,500 SPARC Believer

* $ 1000 SPARC Sustainer

* $ 500 SPARC Advocate

* $ 250 SPARC Investor

* $ 100 SPARC Member

* $ 50 SPARC Backer

* $ 25 SPARC Friend-students & artists

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