Judy Baca to Speak on LACMA Panel: Painted Cities: Comparing the Murals of Metropolitan Los Angeles and Teotihuacan

¬†Join a free roundtable conversation to discuss the impact of mural painting on Los Angeles and Teotihuacan. Organized in conjunction with the exhibition The Painted City: Art from Teotihuacan, the discussion addresses mural painting as an inherently political medium and its role in shaping the civic identity of each city over time. Participants include Judy Baca, mural artist, founder/artistic director of Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles; Ilene Fort, Senior Curator of American Art at LACMA; Matthew Robb, Curator of Art of the Americas at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, Cindy Schwartzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art; Tanner Blackman, Planning Director for District 14 (L.A. City Council); and Victoria Lyall, Associate Curator of Art of the Ancient Americas at LACMA.


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