El Salvador Mural Project in Ataco

Campos Art Group and the Embassy of the United States in El Salvador, along with the mayor of Concepcion de Ataco have titled “Murales para el Desarrollo, pintando mi municipio,” (“Painting my community with Murals for Cultural Tourism.”)
Judy Baca and her SPARC team were invited to assist in the production of the murals in Ataco’s pueblo that will spread and increase awareness of the new developments of the century, emphasizing topics like the changes in our climate and how to take care of our surrounding environment.

Picture 1

The themes we were asked to focus on:

1. Global warming (the principal theme)
2. Violence prevention and peaceful social coexistence in Ataco
3. The Salvadorean rights to protect youth and children
4. Gender equality
5. Development of citizens’ responsibility

We are especially excited because the Ataco area is a natural reserve with many different kind of trees, birds, flowers and native animals.

Dates of travel: April 2010

Artists selected to go:

Raul Gonzalez, Carlos Callejo, Judy Baca, Pilar Castillo, Carlos Rogel

El Salvador

El Salvador’s Geography
Situated on the Pacific coast of Central America, El Salvador has Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. It is the smallest of the Central American countries, with an area equal to that of Massachusetts, and it is the only one without an Atlantic coastline. Most of the country is on a fertile volcanic plateau about 2,000 ft (607 m) high.

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