Guadalupe Founders. 1990.

  1. The Founders of Guadalupe
  2. The Farmworkers of Guadalupe

3. Ethnic Contributions
4. The Future of Guadalupe (Angel of Guadalupe: Dreams of the Future)

Each 8 ft. x 7 ft.
Acrylic on Wood.


Location: City Hall, 918 Obispo St., Guadalupe, California

“Developed around 1990, with funding support from the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, the Guadalupe Murals Project was intended to remind citizens of the rich history of the city of Guadalupe. The murals were originally installed at City Hall, but were removed to prevent increasing exposure to the elements. Now the murals are again on public display at City Hall.

“The restoration and rededication of this mural highlights the importance of community involvement, local tradition, and artistic practice in the city of Guadalupe,” stated Ron Gallo, president & CEO of the Santa Barbara Foundation.  “This is an example of collaboration at its finest, while preserving the history of this special place and returning an artistic treasure to public view.”

To produce the mural, Judy Baca spent much time in the city of Guadalupe. As only Judy Baca can do, she turned the mural project into a community affair, talking to people in the community, hiring teenagers to collect historical information, and holding town meetings to get diverse feedback and opinions.

The product of this community effort is a four panel mural (acrylic on plywood, each panel 8 x 7 feet): “The Founders of Guadalupe” reveals the rich local history of the city; “The Ethnic Contributions” depicts the history of racial conflict in the city of Guadalupe as well as its diverse ethnicity; “The Farmworkers of Guadalupe” features the people who came to live and work in Guadalupe; and “The Future of Guadalupe” reminds of the present while providing hope for a better future for the residents of Guadalupe.” – Guadalupe, California