Muralist and UCLA professor Judy Baca teaches sixth graders at the Judith F. Baca Arts Academy how to transform their school’s concrete walls into a canvas for colorful stories of life and dreams.

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About the Judith F. Baca Arts Academy

In 2012, the Los Angeles Unified School District named a school after her called the Judith F. Baca Arts Academy, located in Watts, her birthplace. 

It’s a

“… a state of the art elementary school located in the heart of Watts. We serve about 750 students from Early Transitional Kindergarten to 6th Grade students. Ninety percent of the population is Latino/Hispanic students and about ten percent of our students are African American students.

Our school’s vision is to embrace the holistic approach of every child that attends JB Arts Academy. In order for each student to succeed, we set high standards and expectations for them as we focus not only on their academic needs but rather consider their physical, social, and emotional needs. This is to better equip each student to be college and career ready. We do this through providing opportunities to infuse the Dual Language Program and emphasize the Arts as an integral part of our curriculum.” – JB Arts Academy