Uprising of the Mujeres. 1979.

8ft. x 24ft. 
Acrylic on Wood.

Created in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1979 at El Taller Siquerios, a workshop for training muralists established by one of the great Mexican muralists David Alfaro Siquerios. Uprising of the Mujeres is a statement of political struggle led by women. While at the workshop, Judy Baca’s team consisting entirely of men, proposed the subject of ‘the women’s question’ as a theme for the mural they would design and then paint. The team argued that women are the primary conduits through which consumerism and hence capitalism is supported, concluding that political struggle is also a struggle against women’s tendencies toward consumerism. The resulting design presented a woman with her arms and legs spread, her head turned upright, a funnel in her throat and goods being forced down the funnel. In order to counteract the rape image that had been designed, Judy Baca placed an indigenous woman at the forefront of political struggle against the prioritization of military spending, the formation of a police state at the expense of social welfare and the exploitation of workers to further capitalism.

In 2019, Uprising of the Mujeres was acquired by the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC to be part of their permanent collection. At this space, it will be joining Las Tres Marías, 1976 which was acquired by the museum in 1998. 

Left: Crozier Fine Arts team arrives at SPARC (it’s previous home) to ship and pack Uprising of the Mujeres.