Seeing Through Others Eyes. 2010.
Tiny Ripples of Hope. 2010.

12 ft. 8 in. x 55 ft. 
Digital Mural 

Location: RFK Community School for K-12 Education


First slide: Seeing Through Others Eyes
Second slide: Tiny Ripples of Hope

Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, Los Angeles, CA: Commissioned by the Kennedy Commission and LAUSD at the former Embassy Ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel, where the assassination of RFK took place. In the second of the two murals, a lotus blossom determines the composition of the mural both formally and conceptually. Each petal represents the most important issues we, as a society, must face, as delineated by Robert F. Kennedy: Environment, Intolerance, Poverty, Education, Health, and War. Two arches measure 12ft 8in x 55 ft at the Paul Schrade Library in the Ambassador Hotel, now converted into the new RFK Community Schools for K-12 education.