Judith F. Baca (c) 2003
Migration of the Golden People
4ft x 5ft Acrylic on Canvas (Hand painted and Digital Image Study)

CARECEN mural, the first significant public work created in Los Angeles about the migration of Central Americans into the Pico Union district of Los Angeles represent the partnerships with community groups who wish to visualize the issues affecting their community. The mural reflects the terror of military oppression, but also forcefully express a determination to resist, whether by taking arms or joining a silent protest march. Migration of the Golden People reminds us of those who did in this struggle and of the continued energetic effort to speak on behalf of the oppressed. This is the story of those who founded CARECEN in 1983, and of their families. All were scarred by oppression and civil war, but remain dedicated to the empowerment of their community. Mural installed at CARECEN (Central American Resource Center) Los Angeles, CA.