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[accordion title=”Q: I am doing research about Judy Baca and need help”] A: There are many sources for information about Judy Baca and her work. The first step would be to check out this website which includes a comprehensive biography, exhibition history, bibliography of writing by and about Judy Baca along with examples of her work, as well as information about her current activities. You can also explore The Social and Public Art Resource Center’s website.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Q: I am planning a trip to Los Angeles and would like to visit Judy Baca’s studio”] A:

Judy Baca’s studio is not open to the public. If you are visiting Los Angeles, you are welcome to visit the SPARC, The Social and Public Art Resource Center. SPARC is located on 685 N. Venice Blvd. * Venice, CA 90291 * Click Here for More Information


[accordion title=”Q: I am doing research on Judy Baca and/or Feminist and/or Chicana art and would like to ask Judy Baca some questions.”] A:[/accordion] [accordion title=”Q: I am studying The Great Wall of Los Angeles and have many questions I would like to ask Judy Baca.”]A:[/accordion][accordion title=”Q: I am a teacher and my students are doing a project based upon The Great Wall of LA.”] A:

Click here for the Great Wall Curriculum Resources for Educators

[accordion title=”Q: I wonder if Judy Baca ever accepts interns, assistants or volunteers.”] A: [/accordion]