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Professor Judith F. Baca Commencement Address at UCLA
Monday, 18 June 2012 22:46


"Graduates of the arts, this work you have chosen is more important than ever.  You are the connectors.  The Creative People who can reinvent a more inclusive America.  Who can discover ways to save the planet or at the least, stop hurting it.  Who will find a replacement for an economics based on war, who can honor all of our children and who can see each human life as potential for beauty and vision. Do not be afraid that you do not know enough. Do not sell out your art. Do not be afraid to make mistakes as you most certainly will. Make passionate mistakes instead, but commit to making the world better through your work. You can prove, once and for all, that “the space between imagining and making real is very small.”

- Professor Judith F. Baca Commencement Address at UCLA

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